Lake Tahoe

Today Jack’s Corner is atop North Star ski resort at Lake Tahoe.


After a road trip through the windy hills of Sierra Nevada we arrived at our lodge. But this was no ordinary lodge, in fact, this lodge would rival Tony Abbott’s. Well, that’s what it felt like, after being in hostels for the last two weeks!

Now that we finally had our own kitchen we headed on a shopping spree to the local grocery store. As we walked the aisles with our trolley packed to the brim we felt like lodge-owning millionaires. Millionaires who drank cheap rum and whiskey.

The next day we hit the slopes. Josh decided to take this literally which ended with him on the back of a ski-bed-tow-thing [see below]


I’ve never been to Narnia, but I imagine that if I were to walk through that wardrobe it would look something like Lake Tahoe.

Pine trees line the slopes, each of them frosted with a little snow on top. Even if this place wasn’t here as a ski resort it would still make a wonderful spectacle.

But wonderful spectacles are not nearly as fun as skiing. Especially when you’re skiing, with some of your best mates, through trees and over logs, with the fear that you may break your arm – or worse: not be catching all this great footage on your GoPro.

Luckily, the latter didn’t occur. Otherwise we wouldn’t have some great footage of Platty flying through the air as he tripped on his own skis.

But when Platty wasn’t crashing down the slopes he was having lunch with me from the mountain top as we looked over Lake Tahoe. A moment I’ll never forget…

…because I took a photo of it.