This time, Jack’s Corner is at Lincoln Park. At least I think that’s what it’s called. I forget.


As soon as we stepped off the plane at Minneapolis (our stopover on the way to Chicago) the cold hit us like a tonne of bricks. Cold bricks. We weren’t even outside but we still had mist drifting off our breath and we were worried that the -11° Celsius would be a sign of things to come in Chicago.

But when we arrived in The Windy City (not actually that windy) we were greeted by a balmy 2°. After catching up on some sleep on the hostel lobby floor, we left for the United Centre to see the Chicago Bulls take on the New York Knicks.

The game began with a spectacular rendition of The U.S. national anthem. American pride as contagious as the black plague filled the arena and we soon found ourselves proudly singing the words we knew – and shamefully mumbling the ones we didn’t. But thanks to all the patriotic mid-anthem clapping, I don’t think anyone noticed.

Anyway, the game was great! (I think. I didn’t really watch much between all the t-shirt shooting, trampoline dunking, banjo playing, flag waving mascots). Plus, because the Bulls won the whole crowd got a free Big Mac each! Yep, God bless America!

But it’s not just the free Big Macs that make this place so great, it’s the vibrancy that Chicago has to it. Much like Melbourne, it’s not about flashy landmarks but a culture that you can’t quite explain (which makes blogging about it hard).

This is best summed up by our 3rd day in Chicago. Jamie and I began with a stroll through the falling snow as we chewed on our bagel and appreciated the beautiful East-American architecture. We caught the subway into the city and stumbled across Chicago’s Cultural Centre. Its mosaics and marble make it one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen all trip.


Once we came out it was almost dark (4pm) and the streets became even more amazing – especially being Christmas time. We then finished at the Skydeck of the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower, once the world’s tallest building. #funfact

But just like a good magician, this place left me wanting more. It’s up there as one of the best places we’ve been and I’ll be coming back for sure.