Las Vegas

Warning: The following edition of Jack’s Corner may contain partial nudity. Parental discretion is advised.

Welcome to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and Jack’s Corner for this edition of the blog.


They say what happens is Vegas stays in Vegas, but that would have made for a pretty boring blog, so here goes:

After driving 8 hours through desert and hills we finally reached the blinding bright lights of Las Vegas.

This place is exactly what you imagine. A town of casinos with beers, betting and boobs. But what we didn’t imagine, was how expensive these things would be. Let’s just say Vegas isn’t the place to go if you’re on a backpackers’ budget.

But we didn’t let this stop us, it just made our Vegas experience a little more unique. Whether it was with a $10 bottle of rum (I think it was rum) and some card games of our own, a cigar as we watched the famous Bellagio Fountains or some cheap red wine through an IV drip at an aptly named place called Heart Attack Grill.

However, a generous shout from my lovely folks did see us dine on some quality steak from a rooftop restaurant that overlooked the city. Thanks Mum & Dad.


For most of us though, the highlight of Vegas didn’t even involve Vegas. It was when we ventured out for a day to the peace and quiet of the Grand Canyon. Even the second time round, this place was incredible. And it was made even more so by the snow that dusted the rim.


For me this sums up Las Vegas. Even though mankind have built some spectacularly mind-blowing casinos, they are still pale in comparison to the work of nature.

And on that pretentious note I’ll end this edition of Jack’s Corner. Thanks for reading, I’ll be here all month.